So You Want to Be a Children’s Librarian…

“In library school, I wasn’t really sure what sort of librarian I wanted to be. I flirted with cataloging, contemplated academia, made googly-eyes at special collections, and dated teen services pretty seriously. But the one thing I was certain I didn’t want to be was a children’s librarian. “I don’t like to sing songs and I hate flannel boards,” I remember responding to the instructor in the one exclusively children’s class I took in library school. Children’s librarians were important and necessary, but not my tribe. I couldn’t imagine myself as one of them.”

Jenn Estepp is the Children’s Librarian at the Glendale Community Library, part of the Queens Library System. In this blog post, she shares her journey into this unexpected career as well as important tips for success. 

” …when a child clutches a book you gave them to their chest, rushes in for “more like this one” or actually does a little dance out the door, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.”

Thanks, Jenn, for being an awesome advocate for reading and children’s literature!

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