Do women rule the literary world?

Top 100 Young Adult Novels
Did you see NPR’s list of the 100 Best Young Adult Novels Ever? What were your reactions to this list? What does this list say about literature for young adults?
Whose voice is represented? Whose is missing?
In her refreshing analysis and celebration of the representation of women authors in young adult literature, Jill Guccini calls our attention to gender. And guess what? Compared to the majority of media aimed at young adults that under-represents and mis-represents girls and women, young adult literature is doing alright! Of the 100 books on the list, 59 were written by women. Hooray for gender equality!
While Guccini makes it very clear that young adult literature has a long way to go in cultivating diversity and multiculturalism, she does take the opportunity to acknowledge the great work done by women in a field that recognizes their contributions.
How do you feel about the representation of gender in media aimed at children and young adults?
What about the representation of gender in literature for children and young adults?
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