Grants, Grants, and More Grants, Oh My!

I spoke with a group of public librarians from around Washington State recently, and they all firmly underscored the vital need for a grant-writing course as a part of the library school curriculum. Until that happens, however, what should we as current students do to prepare ourselves to advocate for research and development funding?

To a certain extent, each grant has unique properties and requirements. But there are guides and courses available in-person and online, if you know where to look.

NSF (National Science Foundation) has a guide for proposal writing.

The Grantsmanship Center has a variety of different levels of courses, from an extensive training program to a 2-day workshop. 

The Foundation Center has a short course available online, which involves clicking through several informative web pages. 

The Evans School also has a grant-writing course, though information is a little difficult to find right now. Stay tuned, we’ll keep checking on this and update the post when we know more.

Do you know of any additional resources? Share your thoughts!


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