Trivia Wednesday

Test your children’s literature knowledge with our trivia quiz. Let us know your answers!

What is the name of Lyra’s daemon in The Golden Compass?

What are the last two lines of Charlotte’s Web?

Can you recite the directions to Neverland?

How does Ribsy escape from the station wagon?

What modern storybook character has the same name as a fruit?

What is the name of the Newbery medal winner this year?

Can you name all the titles of the Olympians series by Rick Riordan?

What are the names of Coraline’s downstairs neighbors?

What is the origin of Cam Jansen’s nickname?

What item does Dumbledore leave to Hermione in his will?

That’s it! How did you do? Look for more trivia next week and let us know if you have some good trivia to include!

Importance of Libraries and Community

We know this importance, we held a conference about it–but now it’s in the news. Read this LA Times article for more information. 

From the article: 

“The role of libraries — as it is now and as it has ever been. Certainly, they are repositories for books, even if (in my least favorite bit of data here) 20% of respondents think print titles should be moved “out of public locations to free up space for other activities.”

But more to the point, they are community centers — not just for neighborhoods but also for the community of ideas. Libraries are places where readers and writers can come together, where we can have a conversation, where books and literature are not relegated to the margins but exist, as they ought to, at the very center of public life.”

Scholarship opportunity for students interested in CYS

DEADLINE MARCH 29 at 5:00pm PDT.

Are you a library school student interested in children’s or young adult services? The Begun Scholarship is just for you! Here is your opportunity to get $3,000 to continue your studies.  The deadline is March 29, 2013, by 5:00pm.

For more information visit the BEGUN SCHOLARSHIP PAGE on the CLA website!

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