iYouth Conference – Session 1

Our first time slot, which will run from 10-11am features three exciting sessions:

Geneva Gay will be running a workshop, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning.  Ms. Gay is a Professor of Education at University of Washington with specialties in Multicultural Education, and general Curriculum Theory. Her primary emphases in these domains are helping educators understand the cultural heritages and social experiences of ethnically and racially diverse students; identifying the funds of knowledge that can be gleaned from these heritages; and using cultural knowledge of diverse groups as resources in teaching to improve the educational performance of underserved student populations, and thus make needed progress in closing the achievement gaps.

Nicolette Brigham is offering a training session, Laying a Successful Foundation for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Dr. Brigham is the Director of Training and Outreach at the University of Washington Autism Center. She has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum for over 15 years providing services in the home, school and clinical setting. Much of Dr. Brigham’s previous experience has focused on designing and implementing autism-specific workshops for parents and professionals. She has also conducted peer-mediated social skills interventions research and facilitated social skills groups for adolescents and adults with ASD.

During this time slot we are also featuring an interactive session,

Multicultural Literature for Young Readers, with José GarciaDeanna MeyerhoffEliza Dresang and Tom BrownMr. Garcia currently works for the King County Library System as a Teen Librarian at the Lake Hills Library. He is also active in outreach to the Spanish-speaking community as current president of the NW REFORMA and as chair of an advocacy group at KCLS. Ms. Meyerhoff has been a sales rep for Random House Children’s Books since 1997 selling to both the independents in the area and Amazon. Dr. Dresang is the iSchool’s Beverly Cleary Professor for Children and Youth Services. Currently she is co-authoring a book for Columbia Teachers College Press,Building Bridges for Cultural Competence: Transformation through Multicultural Literature for Youth. In 2007 she was awarded the ALA/Scholastic Reading Award presented annually for “unusual contribution to the stimulation and guidance of reading by children and young people.” Mr. Brown has worked for Seattle Public Schools for twenty years, beginning as a 1st grade teacher and for the past decade as a library resource specialist.

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