The Wonderful Stories by Ruth Chew!

Who? Ruth Chew! If you don’t know her books, run, don’t walk to the nearest used bookstore or well-stocked library and check them out. Literally. I absolutely devoured these books as a child.

The pages were filled with simple fantasy and a little time travel, written in an absorbing and mysterious yet gentle way that worked perfectly for me, because I was scared of everything. I knew I was safe in these books though, but I would still be in for a wonderful story of children and witches and the sort of magic that can happen on a rainy afternoon.

And now the stories are back. Everything old is new again and soon generations will have the opportunity to enjoy her books once again.

Welcome back dear Ruth! I’m off to scour my shelves for The Wednesday Witch.

Here is another article talking about young middle grade literature. And here’s her website!

How about you? Did you read Ruth Chew’s novels as a child? Are you looking forward to their return?