Meet Melody & her most recent multicultural picks

Hello everyone. I’m Melody Leung. Your other un-normal normal blogger (opposite Katie of course).

Usnaps 6 me.jpg

I’m a goof. I love cheese, watching hilarious sit coms as a study break, and making cute things like tarts.


To balance my intake of cheese and tarts, I also love wushu, which is a Chinese martial art. Here’s a secret: I wanted to be a film star as a kid.

Wushu Melody

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#ReadHAPPY with Katie

Hello Everyone!

As one of your regular bloggers (regular as in bi-monthly, certainly not regular as in normal), I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself in a little greater detail.

A picture of me, being a lion, in front of the New York Public Library

My name is Katie Riley and I am an iYouth representative.  I am a first year MLIS online student by way of English teacher, by way of reformed literature snob, by way of watching way too much Gilmore girls.  Rory has not only inspired my love of big purses (for holding big books at all times), but also my love of literature and some poorly misguided bang trims. Since my Rory Gilmore days, my interests have expanded to include making up songs about my dog, playing dress-up, using funny voices, hand-lettering, paper crafts, and conducting in-depth research on various ice cream shops.

Here at UW, I hope to gain the skills, knowledge, and practice to become a school librarian.  Working with kids has always been a passion of mine and I look forward to doing it in a library setting.  While working on my M.Ed., my studies focused a great deal on digital literacy, which has become a particular interest in my studies here at UW.   Most importantly, though, I see libraries as a launching point for sharing information and ideas.


What can iYouth do for YOU?

As one of your iYouth bloggers, I see it as my responsibility to help provide a platform where you can find as many tricks, tools, and helpful hints as possible.  I hope that if you’re taking the time to read this (thanks, Mom!) then you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts, experiences, and connections with the iYouth community.  We’d love to hear how you all are connecting with the vast resources available for people who work to help kids engage in learning, information, and discovery.


To get this blog-ball rolling, I want to bring your attention to an exciting bookish promotion.  Check out what the music sensation and children’s book author, Pharrell Williams, is doing to help kids read in Penguin Young Readers’ press release below:

“Penguin Young Readers and Pharrell Williams have partnered with First Book on the #ReadHAPPY campaign, which provides books to children in need. The launch of this campaign coincides with Putnam Books for Young Readers’ October 6 release of Happy!, a photographic picture book based on Williams’ hit song of the same name.  “Every child on this planet deserves to experience the joy of reading,” Williams says. #ReadHAPPY encourages people everywhere to post images and thoughts about how reading makes them happy. And every post using the hashtag #ReadHAPPY shared on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram will trigger a donation of one book from Penguin Young Readers to First Book, up to 50,000 books. First Book provides new books to children in need, addressing one of the most important factors addressing literacy – access to books. To date, First Book has distributed more 130 million free and low-cost books in thousands of communities.”

So I encourage you all to share your #ReadHAPPY tweets, posts, and photos to help provide books to those in need.  Here is my #ReadHAPPY post:

Reading makes me happy because I can travel all over the world and stay in my pajamas #ReadHAPPY
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What’s iYouth?

Are we just a bunch of students who are….


Yes (who isn’t)…. but…

We are also a group of UW MLIS students interested in public/school youth services, digital youth, and community engagement.

Our Mission

While we were solidifying our club constitution for this year, we noticed that our passion for youth services was actually very diverse. Some of us are really excited to present storytimes at public libraries. Some of us can’t wait to become school librarians. And some of us used to be very excited to go into youth services, but there are many other fields in librarianship that we want to explore.

Our club encompasses all of these interests. 

Our mission is to connect iSchool students interested in the broad field of youth services to the professional world. We create a community of students to share ideas and passions to envision the future of the youth services profession. We are committed to working with allies in organizing events–open to the student body–that focus on professional development opportunities and networking, as they relate to the UW iSchool and the field of youth services at large.

This year is an opportunity to focus on what iSchool students want to learn, explore, and create.

We will focus on energizing a strong iYouth following and work to create an engaged community to help nurture and support iYouth and iYouth affiliated endeavors.

Event ideas:

At our fall mixer, we colored, ate cookies, drank cider, and brainstormed some fantastic ideas!

20151112_170911 (2)20151112_170853 (2)

We will be online too!

Everyone (residential and online students) can participate continually online with:

  • Instagram hashtags (#shelfie #iyouthuw)
  • Facebook (related articles, polls, links to blog)
  • Blog (how-to posts, read-alikes, tutorials, lists, topics of interest, video blogs, written blogs, pretty much anything youth related)
  • Twitter (live tweeting of social events!)

twitter_logo     @iYouthUW

like_us_on_fb      iYouth

logo_instagram_follow_color.png       iYouthUW

What do you think? Let your ideas be heard!

Welcome from the 2015-2016 iYouth Officers

Hello Everyone!

On behalf of the iYouth Officers, I would like to give a mighty welcome to the new year of MLIS students.  We are looking forward to an exciting year filled with opportunities to learn, share, and grow in our love for youth librarianship and youth-minded things.

Not interested in youth librarianship, but still like kids?! Fear not! We’d love to have you! We want to be inclusive to any and all needs and interests here at iYouth!  Maybe you just really like YA lit and want some good recommendations–that’s okay too.

To start off the blog this year, we’d like to take a moment to introduce our team.  Mostly it will be me, (Katie Riley) and Melody Leung who will be doing the blogging, but we all wanted to say hi!  We look forward to this upcoming year!

David GuerreroDavid Guerrero — Treasurer

I’m a second year residential student. I’m interested in improving library youth services and bringing high quality programming and service to underserved and diverse communities. My interests outside of school include communicating in the language of the birds with the person that lives in my attic, crocheting useless objects, and trekking through imaginationland.  

Melody Leung

Melody Leung — Publicity Officer

Hello there! I am a 1st year residential student interested in youth services. I love public libraries and performing storytimes for children every chance I get. I hope to learn a lot from all my second year friends and colleagues as I do my best to help iYouth grow. My other academic interests include multicultural resources, entrepreneurial support, and outreach. On my spare time, I enjoy doing wushu (Chinese martial art), watching movies, and cooking.

Alma Lopez

Alma Lopez — iYouth Event Coordinator

I’m a second year residential student and a student officer of iYouth. I’m interested in public libraries, outreach, and marginalized communities. I would love to learn more about multicultural services for youth and I hope to bring this to iYouth in some capacity. As a Seattle native, I like being picky about coffee and going to the movies, catching up with my long time friends, and doing anything creative.

Katie Riley

Katie Riley — iYouth representative

Hello! I am a first year online student but I live in Seattle.  As a former 6th grade English teacher, I love working with kids but find myself better suited in a library setting rather than a traditional classroom. I am working toward the school library media endorsement. I love kids books–from farting aliens to swooning zombies–I can’t get enough!  When I am not tearing up over a great middle grade read, I am usually playing with my crazy dog Soliloquy (Lily for short), making up silly songs, or writing some awesome snail mail to friends and family.  I am excited to be a part of iYouth and to help create, discover, and learn!

Jessica Tonnies

Jessica Tonnies — Online Representative

Hello!  This is my third and final year as an online MLIS student.  I have been an elementary school teacher for the past six years and just started working as a teacher librarian this year.  I love children’s and young adult literature.  I play guitar, and love to hike, read, watch T.V. and am mildly obsessed with Bollywood movies!  I’m very excited to work with iYouth this year and to help bring the online and residential communities together!

Emily Whitacre

Emily Whitacre— iYouth Representative

I’m a second year residential student, and an iYouth representative. I originally came into the iSchool primarily interested in youth services, but have broadened my interests significantly thanks to some of the fantastic classes I’ve taken. I still am passionate about young readers, and hope to use my passion to make iYouth a place for likeminded MLIS students to connect and grow. Outside of my schoolwork I keep myself busy running, cycling, reading, cooking, drinking tea, watching science fiction, and solving Rubik’s cubes.

We look forward to meeting you!

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