What’s iYouth?

Are we just a bunch of students who are….


Yes (who isn’t)…. but…

We are also a group of UW MLIS students interested in public/school youth services, digital youth, and community engagement.

Our Mission

While we were solidifying our club constitution for this year, we noticed that our passion for youth services was actually very diverse. Some of us are really excited to present storytimes at public libraries. Some of us can’t wait to become school librarians. And some of us used to be very excited to go into youth services, but there are many other fields in librarianship that we want to explore.

Our club encompasses all of these interests. 

Our mission is to connect iSchool students interested in the broad field of youth services to the professional world. We create a community of students to share ideas and passions to envision the future of the youth services profession. We are committed to working with allies in organizing events–open to the student body–that focus on professional development opportunities and networking, as they relate to the UW iSchool and the field of youth services at large.

This year is an opportunity to focus on what iSchool students want to learn, explore, and create.

We will focus on energizing a strong iYouth following and work to create an engaged community to help nurture and support iYouth and iYouth affiliated endeavors.

Event ideas:

At our fall mixer, we colored, ate cookies, drank cider, and brainstormed some fantastic ideas!

20151112_170911 (2)20151112_170853 (2)

We will be online too!

Everyone (residential and online students) can participate continually online with:

  • Instagram hashtags (#shelfie #iyouthuw)
  • Facebook (related articles, polls, links to blog)
  • Blog (how-to posts, read-alikes, tutorials, lists, topics of interest, video blogs, written blogs, pretty much anything youth related)
  • Twitter (live tweeting of social events!)

twitter_logo     @iYouthUW

like_us_on_fb      iYouth

logo_instagram_follow_color.png       iYouthUW

What do you think? Let your ideas be heard!

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