Where do you go for inspiration?

Recently I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the influx of newsletters, snail mail items, blogs, Facebook posts, even friends texting me with awesome librarian ideas! While it is great to have this overload of info, I’ve realized that at a certain point, everything cannot be consumed and I have to make choices.

Additionally, some of you may feel that you don’t know where to turn for fun and invigorating new ideas, help with programming, or even just some solid advice!

My blog post this week is aimed to help with both of these problems–either too much, or not enough–information.  I’ll do this by listing some of my favorite sites that I have on my RSS feed.

Nancy Pearl Action Figure: Courtesy of http://www.amazon.com/Nancy-Pearl-Librarian-Action-Figure/dp/Booo6FU9EG



Letters to a Young Librarian:

As a young (I’d like to think) and new (okay, future) librarian, Letters to a Young Librarian is a great place to gain perspective about what the profession is like and how to enter the field.  I like to read this when I’ve had a rough week of classes and may feel I am loosing perspective.  I find this blog is geared for the overall mental health and wellbeing of people new to the field.  It is a great place to hear different types of advice on librarianship life.

Teen Services Underground

Teen Services Underground is a great resource to get programming ideas, hear from other librarians, and get a sense of what other teen librarians are doing.  I find it helpful just to browse the articles to get ideas for things in the future.  This is actually the website I look to first when I am trying to figure out what to write for this blog. 🙂

Nancy Pearl

Okay, if you don’t know who Nancy Pearl is, you need to go to her site right now! She is basically a rockstar of the library world.  She even has her own action figure.  She is located here in Seattle, WA and has done some really fantastic things for libraries.  Her website features tons of book reviews and book group tips.  I always go here if I am looking for a new book for fun, or something to recommend.

Book Riot

Also, for something a little more fun and bookish and way less academic, I love to go to Book Riot.  They always have great lists, fun blog posts, great podcasts, and anything else bookish you can imagine.  They have a pretty robust YA fandom happening and it is all super magical.  I’m especially in love with their “Read Harder” challenge that has a list of different categories for reading selections each year–you know, in all the free time that I have… But actually, it makes a great list to give to voracious teen readers to engage and challenge their literary choices 🙂



This blog was written by Katie Riley. She is a first year online MLIS student.  As a former 6th grade English teacher, she love working with kids but likes the library setting rather than a traditional classroom. She is working toward the school library media endorsement. She love kids books–from farting aliens to swooning zombies–she can’t get enough!  When she is not tearing up over a great middle grade read,  she is usually playing with her crazy dog Soliloquy (Lily for short), making up silly songs, or writing some awesome snail mail to friends and family.  She excited to be a part of iYouth and to help create, discover, and learn!

What I’m reading now: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare





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