#SEABookstoreDay for the Win!

SEAIBDI am a sucker for any reason to celebrate. National Burger Day? Done. National Pet Day? Too easy. I have my phone out and my hashtags ready. However, the game changes a little when it involves books and bookstores, and I am amped for #SEABookstoreDay. Saturday, April 30, 17 independent bookstores from across the greater Seattle area are coming together to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day 2016. If you make it to three locations, you’re entered into a drawing for prizes, but the real prize happens if you make it to all 17. (Side note: There are 21 physical locations, but you only have to go to one of each company. If a company has more than one location, like University Book Store, one location counts for all three.) When you make it to 17 stores and turn in your passport, you qualify for 25% off your purchases at ALL stores ALL year. As a book junkie, I’m so there! As a student who occasionally purchases school books from the University Book Store, my jaw just dropped!

All this just goes to say, I’ve got my #SEABookstoreDay route all lined up, and I’m taking you for the ride. Check this blog for occasional photo updates throughout the day, and if you’re joining in, mention us along the way with a #uwiyouth shoutout.

What events would you like to see?

The officers of 2016-2017 are hard at work planning events for this next year. However, we want to hear from all of you!

What events do you want to see happen next year?

Here are the type of events we have on the cutting board:

Professional Development Workshops

These will be on campus events where we will invite guest speakers from around the area to present about a certain topic. Topics may include:

  • Booktalking
  • Storytimes
  • How to plan library programs
  • How to do community engagement


Game Night

Video games are a great way for kids to gain social skills. But we can’t let them have all the fun! What about a night filled with console gaming and board games?

7439512656_8cf360a5f2_o (2).jpg
Who wants to play video games?      Credit: JD Hancock on Flickr

Happy Hour Q&A with Special Guests

How about an informal Q & A session with professionals in the field? This will be a series of Q&As that will span all types of youth librarians. Appetizers will be on us!

Credit: pexels.com


Cosplay for Comicon!

We really just like making things. We made LED bracelets this year, why not something else for next year! We will provide the supplies but you will provide the ideas. Afterwards, we can plan to attend Comicon together!

CreditL Liz Swezey on Flickr


Halloween Themed Science Party

At first we wanted a Masquerade ball but then we decided it may be too awkward. How about a Halloween themed party at the HUB during Fall Quarter? We could try out some STEAM inspired activities like a puking pumpkin or growing Gummy Bears?

Credit: Canadian Science and Technology Museum


Field Trips

Something new that we want for this year is exposure to the awesome library systems around us. Many of us have probably explored KCLS and SPL but what about Sno-Isle or Kitsap? Field trip travel cost will be paid for. Since they will be day-long trips, coffee and snacks will be on us too!

Credit: pexels.com




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National Library Week!

Hello! Before we get to National Library Week, I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Melissa – I’m a first year residential student in the MLIS program and am excited to be one of the new co-chairs of the iYouth group! I’m interested in youth librarianship and love reading all kinds of fiction, writing and playing with my two Boston Terriers,Winston and Basil.

It is the tail end of #NationalLibraryWeek and we hope you’ve been celebrating! National Library Week is sponsored by the American Library Association and was started in 1958 due to a growing concern that “research showed that Americans were spending less on books and more on radios, televisions and musical instruments” (“National Library Week History,” 2015). Ever since then, it’s been a yearly fixture in the library scene. To help you celebrate, we’ve provided a link round up below of a few of the excellent goings on we’ve heard of this week.

Link Round Up!

During National Library Week, the ALA releases the top challenged books of the previous year. Check them out!

This library re-made some vintage READ library posters!

Out of Print clothing (which is generally library-awesome) is supporting National Library Week by partnering with the Harry Potter Alliance. 10% of proceeds will help open a library in Ghana and they’re selling these gorgeous limited edition t-shirts!

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