#SEABookstoreDay for the Win!

SEAIBDI am a sucker for any reason to celebrate. National Burger Day? Done. National Pet Day? Too easy. I have my phone out and my hashtags ready. However, the game changes a little when it involves books and bookstores, and I am amped for #SEABookstoreDay. Saturday, April 30, 17 independent bookstores from across the greater Seattle area are coming together to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day 2016. If you make it to three locations, you’re entered into a drawing for prizes, but the real prize happens if you make it to all 17. (Side note: There are 21 physical locations, but you only have to go to one of each company. If a company has more than one location, like University Book Store, one location counts for all three.) When you make it to 17 stores and turn in your passport, you qualify for 25% off your purchases at ALL stores ALL year. As a book junkie, I’m so there! As a student who occasionally purchases school books from the University Book Store, my jaw just dropped!

All this just goes to say, I’ve got my #SEABookstoreDay route all lined up, and I’m taking you for the ride. Check this blog for occasional photo updates throughout the day, and if you’re joining in, mention us along the way with a #uwiyouth shoutout.

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