Fun and Fantastic Kid’s Library Programs in Seattle

Hi, my name is Alexa and I am a residential Master of Library and Information Science student and the new Treasurer of iYouth!


I was a preschool teacher before I started graduate school, so I am interested in programming for young children in libraries – who doesn’t love a good magic show or read-aloud? I have a particular affection for the weird, wonderful programs that give children a glimpse into topics they might otherwise not have been aware of.


Personally, I have great memories of library programming. One that comes to mind is a children’s concert by (what is still my favorite children’s band) Kit and Kaboodle. We went to this concert as a summer activity through the daycare my mom worked at, and my little five year old mind was blown. The library put on my first concert, and I still have the CD.


I’m going to highlight some of the most interesting programming available for children in the Seattle area this summer.  All are free, and all are fantastic opportunities for the children of Seattle.


June 4th, 2016: Drag Queen Story time at Greenwood Library.


story time




Join Sparkle Leigh for inclusive stories to kick off the PhinneyWood Pride Rainbow Hop. This is a great, inclusive event for all ages!  


More info at:


Weekly/Monthly at High Point Public Library: Tinkerlab (Drop-In), Tinkerlab Commons



This STEM-based program introduces concepts through play and experimentation. The drop-in Tinkerlab allows for self-directed learning, while the monthly Tinkerlab Commons brings in staff and inventor kits to build incredible things! This is a great way to bring creativity and fun to the library.


More info at:


Sunday, July 31st: Free Ballard Movies: Goonies



Who doesn’t love Goonies?  Free at Ballard library, you don’t even have to buy the popcorn!

More info at:


Let us know whether you’re planning to participate in any of these activities, or if you have any great memories of library programs.


All pictures are from Seattle Public Library’s website.


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