iYouth Tips for 1st Years


You have officially survived your first week at the Information School. In order to commemorate this great achievement, we wanted to give a couple nuggets of advice. Advice that we wish we listened to when we started this program a whole year ago.


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Here are some FAQs that we hear from new students:

Q: Where are some good places to study?

A: HUB by the fireplace. In front of an Odegaard Mac but with headphones. Cafe Solstice with a nice Mocha. Paccar by the fireplace. Sunny day on a bench by the fountain or the quad. Suzzalo library reading room. No matter your study style, there is a place for you on campus.

Q: Lit Review????? Am I going to survive?

A: You will survive. This assignment will be the most stress you will encounter your first year. Take it one step at a time and remember that it’s just a literature review. Also, professors do not grade as harshly as you think. Trust us. We got through it and you will too.

Q: I’m going to fail! Everyone around me is smarter or more experienced than me! 

A: You have some serious impostor syndrome. Good news! It’s curable. The secret is to know that your opinions matter and you have been chosen to join this program because of who you are. Sure, you may not have those 10 years of experience doing storytimes or 12 years experience as a manager. You are unique and you bring a unique perspective to the field. The most enjoyable part about our classes is when we learn from each other. People already in the field have some expertise but discussions always need someone with a vision and a fresh pair of eyes. Worried about experience? That’s what directed fieldwork and part-time professional development jobs are for.

Q: An event? How am I going to have time to go to this?

A: Just like everyone said above, make time to recuperate yourself. Take study breaks and let yourself binge-watch a bit of Netflix. You deserve it! As for events, what better way to wind down than to join a whole group of information school students who are complaining about the same thing. The best part is that we all know what each other is going through.

Q: Capstone? Do you need to start now????!

A: Absolutely not! Sure, a project that you work on your first year may turn into a capstone project. Or a connection that you made during an internship has the potential to turn into a capstone project. The key point here is that what you do your first year has potential. And the only way to see if there is potential is to live in the moment, explore your interests, and have fun while doing it. Honestly, the majority of us 2nd years do not have a project in mind. Basically, have the thought on the back burner but don’t let it boil over until your second year starts.


Us at iYouth hope you enjoy your first year as much as we did. We hope to see you at our events! A complete list of events will be published soon.

Now let’s tackle our 2nd week! We got this.


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