What to Expect When You’re Attending Our Open Meeting


Happy Friday, all!

Yesterday, we announced an iYouth online open meeting (see image above or post below for details). Today, I’ll be telling you a little more about what we’re hoping we can all get out of it. We want to make sure the programs we’re planning are things you’re interested in, so here’s a sneak peek at a few of the agenda items:

  • November Happy Hour
    We’d like to get together with a working children’s librarian in an informal environment and ask them questions about what they do on a regular basis.
  • Story Time Volunteer Program
    A few of you might have seen information about this on Facebook, but we want to see if anyone else is interested. We’re looking at working with a Seattle daycare to provide regular story times, and we need to know if you’d be interested in participating. This would even be complete with *some* training and resources!
  • December Study Break- Minecraft 101
    In early December, we want to have some fun and take a break from wanting to stab our eyes out over final projects (‘cause that time is coming…and it gets dark). Most of us also don’t know a whole lot about Minecraft, but since that’s what the kids are playing these days (for now), we figure we probably should! (…BTW, I feel so old typing that sentence…)

Keep these things in the back of your mind over the next few days, and bring us your thoughts at the meeting! Again, we want to pull together activities that you’ll enjoy because we want to hang out with you!…And we want to make sure we’re spending time planning things you’ll want to do. Basically, we’re being a little selfish and trying to build community at the same time… See you at the meeting!

PS- Zoom (the website we’re using for the open meeting) takes a minute or two to set up and does require you to download it to your computer. If you have any questions or concerns about set up, let us know!

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