Full STEAM ahead! An Introduction to a New Blog Series

We have all heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), right?

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But have you heard about the “A” that is missing?

The “A” stands for arts.

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I have the privilege of working at a library system that is very well known for their STEAM programs. So much that it made me want to start a series of blog posts about the importance of STEAM and feature interviews with those in the field incorporating STEAM.

So first…

What are some examples of STEAM?

STEAM concepts can be applied to many existing programs that libraries provide. Including:

  • Science storytimes
    • Read a story and relate STEAM concepts to it with activities. Sometimes, just changing the way you ask questions can make a storytime STEAM. Use words like “hypothesis” or “observation” makes science not so scary. It becomes more natural and comfortable. For preschoolers, you can read a book that has to do with bears and then have a discussion about hibernation.

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  • Hosting building events
    • Lego nights
    • Video game making/playing
    • Robot kits
    • The science of art



STEAM is more than just crafts that are traditionally used to end storytimes. STEAM is about activating the creativity in young minds and sparking their curiosity.


Why promote STEAM in libraries?

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iYouth Conference 2014: Bringing Theatre into the Classroom

Enjoy another look at one of our fabulous panels at the iYouth Conference 2014 on Saturday, February 8th.  For a complete listing of all the sessions and presenters, take a look at our Tumblr page here.  To find more information about tickets, check out the page here.  Since we recently received generous support form the UW HUB, Wells Fargo, and the UW Graduate and Professional Student Senate, we have been able to reduce the price of admission to $35.00 with lunch or $25.00 without for professionals. For students, the cost is $20.00 with lunch or $10.00 without! 

Come sample the work of a consortium of theatre organizations and their work to help integrate theatre into everyday classroom curriculum. This workshop will give you a taste of the exercises and lesson plans we provide to teachers and the one on one work in the classroom that accompanies all of our curriculum. Exercises will include classroom management tools, enhancement to literacy skills, comprehension, and integration throughout content areas.AnnieLareauAnnie Lareau M.ED, Intertim Artistic Director, ArtsWest, Annie became the Artistic Director of ArtsWest Playhouse in West Seattle this fall after serving as Director of Touring Productions at Book-It Repertory Theatre for 9 years. Annie has also been a teaching artist for the last 20 years in the Seattle area for Seattle Children’s Theatre, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company and ArtsWest and was assistant to the professor at the University of Washington’s Professional Actors Training Program. She now specializes in working with classroom teachers to integrate theatre into classroom curriculum.