Who Are We: Bloggers

In our continuing saga of introductions, meet Emily Small and Liz Mills, iYouth co-bloggers, responsible for much of the content you see in your inboxes and blog-regators each week. We love kids, kids’ books, and libraries! Liz has a background in children’s books–she’s a published author and she worked as a children’s book editor at Scholastic in New York. Emily has a WordPress blog and has a background in working with children and children’s literature. If you ever are interested in writing for the blog, let us know! We’d love to have you!

Who Are We? Part 2

Next up in our hit parade, Elise Doney, our co-president.

Elise thinks working with youth is rad! She feels very strongly that libraries have the potential to be meaningful community partners in youth advocacy work. Her recent opportunities to volunteer with local Seattle organizations have inspired growing enthusiasm for outreach services and a love for mentoring youth in digital and media literacy.


Who Are We? An Introduction

Over the next few weeks, we’ll post a photo and short bio of the officers in iYouth, giving you a chance to meet us in the virtual space and learn a little about our interests and backgrounds. Please contact us with thoughts, questions, and ideas!

First up, our Treasurer, Erin Quarterman.

Erin Quarterman has always worked with youth or in libraries and, upon completion of her degree, aspires to work in youth services in a private school or public library. She started working in public libraries in Mississippi,as well as in academic libraries in Massachusetts–where she obtained a Bachelor’s in English–and in Washington State. ¬†Now a Seattleite, in her free time she enjoys playing accordion in the band “Star Called Sun.”