Tools to cope with unexpected moments of crisis

Tragedy affects all of us, but our youngest patrons are the least equipped with tools to cope and comprehend. School Library Journal has a list of good books to share with children to help them make sense of their world in the face of such an event. These kinds of collection development opportunities are what set us apart as stellar information specialists, when we can provide information and comfort. Let us know what you think of these picks, and of your own suggestions as well. Be safe.

In a Time of War, in a Time of Peace

Perhaps an unusual topic to cover right before Thanksgiving, but an important one nonetheless. Conflicts rage throughout our world and children are not immune to the effects. Books can help provide context, comfort, and connections in difficult times. We as librarians, information professionals, and mentors should consider how to develop a thoughtful, insightful, well-researched collection that look at all aspects of conflict–causes, resolution, survival, meaning, and prevention. The Horn Book has a wonderful article that presents several books to keep in mind.

From the article:

Whether providing historical overview, personal reminiscence, or fictional depiction of events, books about war can take many forms in YA literature. Readers interested in the hows and whys of the world’s conflicts, both past and present, will find much to ponder in the four titles below. Also, be sure not to miss Steve Sheinkin’s newest book, the excellent Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon about the Cold War. (1216 years, Flash Point/Roaring Brook)