Meet Melody & her most recent multicultural picks

Hello everyone. I’m Melody Leung. Your other un-normal normal blogger (opposite Katie of course).

Usnaps 6 me.jpg

I’m a goof. I love cheese, watching hilarious sit coms as a study break, and making cute things like tarts.


To balance my intake of cheese and tarts, I also love wushu, which is a Chinese martial art. Here’s a secret: I wanted to be a film star as a kid.

Wushu Melody

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Adoption, Multiculturalism, and Good Books to Read

Today’s Diversity Brown Bag Luncheon on campus is focused on mixed-race diversity and data collection in higher education. Cynthia Del Rosario, our Diversity Programs Advisor, sent around an article that I wanted to share on this blog, relating to trans-racial adoption. Check it out and let us know your thoughts and reactions!

Also, take a look at these great books for kids relating to multiculturalism and adoption. Keep them in mind as you think about developing your collections at a public or school library.