School Librarians Speak Out

Check out this article about Seattle-area School Librarians writing a letter to Superintendent Banda about the fact that their libraries have become testing centers and their technology support exists purely to ensure smooth testing. What do you think about this issue? Is there too much emphasis on testing and should the library be used for this purpose so much of the year?

Full-Time School Librarians Make a Difference

Yes, folks, you heard right. According to School Library Journal, “Access to a full-time school librarian increases student test scores, closes the achievement gap, and improves writing skills, according to a new study of Pennsylvania public schools conducted by the Colorado-based RSL Research Group.”

But we already knew that, didn’t we? Hooray for all our present and future school librarians!!!!!

Read the whole story here.

Image “doisneau – information scolaire” by culture.culte, 2008. Used under Creative Commons Attribution license.